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Every day more people use mobile devices to search and find products, services, directions, reviews, music, movies, restaurants, local shops and more.  Mobile Apps provide opportunity to increase your income / revenue, repeat business, improve productivity and more unlike any other form of marketing today.

Engaging your users unlike most traditional websites that are just fancy online brochures that rarely ever change.  

The most valuable real estate is your branded icon on a mobile phone 24/7.


Mobile apps are active and dynamic, not passive like many other forms of advertisement, it not only brings awareness but allows for ongoing viral engagement. It 
creates brand awareness, and brand ambassadors, offers e-commerce, loyalty programs, push notifications, shareable content and so much more. With your easy to use visual interface you get simple graphical analytics and profiles of a data base of users/fans who engage with your app.  This app data is exportable to an excel spreadsheet for further analysis. Sort by date and learn which tabs in the app are most engaging or who your biggest spenders are, or even how often they share your content with others. The possibilities are unlimited!


ncrease your brand reach exponentially and faster without depending on expensive online ads or boosting posts, or Google Search, Facebook algorithms changing constantly or Instagram Likes to gain followers, etc.. This digital “word of mouth” approach is both viral and referral based marketing at its best to reach new fans /followers, and is virtually ZERO cost to you !

With YOUR loyal fan base sharing your app, and spreading YOUR content with others, it’s a snap to get new fans or users virally. Fans/Followers can share   the entire app with anyone with a simple text message, web URL or via social media with one simple button push! And your branded app icon is always right there visually on their mobile phone desktop, for FREE!


There are many channels of marketing available to your business, traditional advertisement, print, TV, social media, video, paid content, etc…but all of them have noise “interruption marketing” and filtering content choosing “for you” who can view your content or message…meaning others determine who views  or engages with your content.  

A mobile app provides you the assurance of full control of your marketing message with no filter which means you won’t ever have to wonder if they received your info.. they always will.  Keeping you in complete control!  As it should be!  The possibilities are unlimited!


The ability to 
send push notifications both on demand and scheduled means you can reach your users when they are most likely to engage and read your messages.  Notify users about new products, services, updates, videos, coupons, special offers, discounts, events etc. Push notifications can be sent to everyone in the app, to specific group(s) or segmented lists, and also to individuals directly. Use push notifications for sending valuable tips, links to blogs/articles online, new videos, etc.  The News Ticker across the front page of your app provides a powerful clickable option to announce your newest content, event, offer, or one of a kind limited time promotions.  Other significant features include SEO searchable content, “add-to-home prompt to add your app-icon to their home screen, offline viewing of content, accessible on any smart phone browser for frictionless distribution with web url or QR codes!

Simple for anyone to update their own content from our online dashboard or send push notifications right from you mobile phone!

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